How To Build A Cajon

The complete online guide to building a DIY Cajon Drum.

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DIY Cajon Drum

Wood Selection

Rather it’s the type of wood or how big you need to cut it, here are some recommendations that might help your decided where to start!
Tools & Hardware

Hardware & Supplies

Before you get started with your DIY Cajon Drum, it’s important to make sure you’ve got the right tools and hardware to get the job done. Take a glance at what we use to build our Cajon drums with.
Stains & Finishes

Stain & Finishes

From the color of the wood stain to the way it can be applied, we’re going to show you what we think ideal for your project!

Need some help?

Learning how to build a Cajon drum can get frustrating at times. Whether the sound of the drum isn’t turning out as expected, or the aesthetic appearance isn’t what you visioned, we’d be glad to give you some pointers or draw up some custom DIY Cajon Drum plans for your project!
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This online do-it-yourself guide on how to build a Cajon drum is brought to you by the Hillside Drum Company. Before the business started, I was in the market for a new Cajon, but didn’t want to spend an outrageous amount. So after a ton of trial and error, I finally mastered how to build Cajon drums and have been doing it ever since. Check out some more of our work here!
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